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  • Sound of Atlantic? width:950;;height:595
  • Evening at Albufeira width:950;;height:597
  • Dinner with friends width:950;;height:596
  • Together before leaving, the others stay, we leave!              Its just not fare! width:950;;height:597
  • "See you around! Boys & Girls"     "Same procedure next year?" width:454;;height:600
  • The beach at Manta Rota width:950;;height:595
  • Actually, this years last bath in the Atlantic width:950;;height:595
  • "Who's bathing out there?" width:950;;height:594
  • More beach of Manta Rota width:950;;height:594
  • We just love those tiles! width:950;;height:595
  • Another Orange width:950;;height:594
  • Another country width:950;;height:595
  • Torre del Mar width:950;;height:596
  • The boy who wanted to reach the moon width:950;;height:596
  • Is there something on your mind? width:950;;height:596
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