Orust, 28 September 2012

   Welcome to our travel diary, describing our motorhome tour to Portugal. We leave home on September 29 and will be home again on November 30. The first day's leg will not be long, we will just be in time to join a party at Albin in Fjärås, a late crayfish party with our friends. For us it is like a farewell party until the next party on New Years Eve. The day after a party becomes as it gets, I don't think we will drive over the Öresund Bridge. For a strange reason, we tend to get stuck in Limhamn.
   This trip we are going to take it slowly. We haven't made any major planning, have no fixed route, no certain days and no particular locations. The map below, is not a plan it's just a vision, it shows a possible route. A few days in Friesland with friends and a few days for a family reunion around Amsterdam. Our thoughts are to follow the French, Spanish
and Portuguese Atlantic Coast on our way south and the Costa Blanca on our way north to visit more family and friends.


Above you will find only three heading links: HOME takes you back to the first page of Amstel.se, DIARY is the calendar which describes sixty days of traveling and PARKING is a new attempt to collect, in detail, all our overnight parking areas with positions, on one single page. Each day in the calendar is a link to that day's events with photos and our current position. Welcome to our DIARY to follow the journey.


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