Orust, 25 September 2013

   Welcome to our travel diary, describing our motorhome tour to Greece. We will leave Sweden October 1th and intend to be back home again April 1th 2014. We will drive all the way over land, along the Adriatic westcoast, to Greece.

   The transit through Denmark, Germany, Austria and Slovenia will be just a transit, without any planned visits. Certain parts of Croatia demands a closer examination. We will travel through Bosnia-Herzegovina and Montenegro and intend to stay at least one week in Albania. On our way back home, we take a ferry from Igoumenitsa to Bari and travel along the Italian eastcoast north, before visiting Holland in the end of March.

   We have a major objective with a possible but flexible route, no certain days and no particular locations. The map below, is not a plan, it is showing a disirable route, it's just a vision.

   Our previous journeys by motorhome to Portugal, Italy/Sicilia, Italy/Sardinia and more of Portugal are described in similar diaries:

2010: Explore Portugal in forty five days

2011: Explore Italy & Sicily in sixty days

2012: Explore Italy & Sardinia in sixty days

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   Above you will find three heading links: HOME takes you back to the first page of Amstel.se, DIARY is the calendar which weekly describes six months of traveling and PARKING is a new attempt to collect our over night parking areas with positions and other important details. All on one single page.

   In our previous diaries, we used to write every day but in lack of time we could sometimes jump over several days. This trip, we will report on a weekly basis, it gives us less time pressure and more flexibility.

Nevertheless, one diary page per week can include reports from seven days. When we do not move for several days and thus are parked in the same place, it is convenient to summarize the past week in one single report. Each week in the calendar is a link to our weekly events with photos and our current positions.

   Welcome to our DIARY to follow the journey.




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