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Kalamata - Monemvasia


   Monday morning at 8, we were there and after two hours of waiting our motorhome drives into the workshop for another investigation and diagnosis. After two other hours, I was explained exactly what had happened and they presented a cost proposal, € 397. They were quite clear about it! Control Electronics, a bunch of wires with connections and the speed resistor must all be replaced. “You should be very happy that it didn’t start a fire, some cable insulation was melted!” they said, “Only the fan is still functioning!” "You can stay here until tomorrow when the parts come at ten!" Locked up inside the fence, it didn’t attract us! "Screw the panels together again, I'll be back tomorrow, you can take my passport! I said. “No problem, we trust you, besides, if you’ll cheat on us, you are not so hard to find with that colour!" While he laughing, pointed at our red Ferrari.

We went to the waterfalls in Polylimnio and then back to our former parking in Petalidi.
The day after at nine we were back in place. It took a little more time for the Fiat / Xantzos Kalamata to get the parts, tear out all the plastic panels again and put everything in place, but the cost  was still ca. 16 restaurant dinners (€ 397). Very friendly reception, professional and very clean Fiat workshop, Xantzos in Kalamata.

   Our repair budget is finished, now there may not happen anything more with our motorhome. We lost five days but the weather hasn’t been so good that we feel we’ve missed anything, except for yesterday, because it was beach weather again.
   We thought so before but now we know for sure: “Mani”, the middle finger on the Peloponnesian hand will have to wait until spring. It's very mountainous and bleak. "This time of year, even the gods have left the Mani!" Said the sales girl in the Wind store, though she said so mostly because Wind has no internet coverage there!
For the night we stay on the Kalamata Parking and tomorrow we drive over the mountains to Sparti, probably the same day to Gythio, for even excavations, we have seen enough for a while.
Next week we will find out where the cat has hidden the mouse, somewhere in Monemvasia!




   We should travel to Sparti or Sparta, as it was called before. The road there was probably the most beautiful road we traveled in Greece, so far. Up over the mountains, above approx. 1000m, it was covered with snow, and at most 1325 m. up, we were throwing snowballs. Bonnie likes snow so she became very playful up there, or she might thought we would soon be home again. After a short stop we found it reminding too much of Sweden so we hurried on to the descent and it was so beautiful that we were taken and became very quiet. We made ​​many short stops to suck in one glorious nature scene after another.

   In Sparti, I made ​​a short visit to the museum, Bonnie may not come in and Stina was sat on culture.

   We continued down to Gytheio to search an overnight parking at Kamáres beach. If I remember correctly, it was here on the beach as “MouseCat” (he who is in Monemvasia now) renovated the bottom of his motor home. Here we were parked all alone on a very big and long beach. At night the heating strikes, low temperature and too much butane in the LPG. We had to start the engine, got up the heat and then, even the ordinary gas heater worked again, when the gas tanks were warmed a little. Last night, temperature was 2 degrees above zero, but it is more unusual, we hope. Normally the night temperature is 6 - 9 degrees C. and 16 – 20 at daytime.

   The day after we tried  for ”Camping Gythion Bay” to test the quality and Wifi at the campsite. Possibly, we will stay here over Christmas and New Year, if we do not find a better option. Here is a nice beach and it is bathing weather again, the sea temperature has now dropped to 21. It feels strange to swim out into the sea, turn around and see the snow-capped mountains above one.
   After two days at the campsite, we have a look at the city of Gytheion and continue in the direction of Monemvasia to see if MouseCats fishing stories really measure up.




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