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2013 WEEK # 52



Gytheio - Monemvasia


   The nights are not as cold anymore and the days are most sunny except for one rainy day.

   Christmas Eve we celebrated in the camper and we got many nice gifts that we had taken with us from Sweden which absolutely shouldn’t be opened until then!
   Christmas Day we were invited to a Christmas dinner at Mani Beach campsite's restaurant. A simple event, fifteen people, plain food, lots of ouzo and wine, just as nice Greek as we had expected, including the music and Greek dance. Actually, I think the Greek can’t dance, they are just making funny steps, waving there arms, snapping the fingers and crying Opa! Opa! And everybody is clapping their hands! Me too! Opa! Jamas!

The staff at Mani Beach, made a very nice gesture to the few customers at the campsite by offering a Christmas dinner with all drinks, all for free.


   We had more or less promised to visit Peter in Monemvasia at New Year's Eve so on Monday we set off again, leaving Mani Beach, walking around in the nice Gytheio city, had lunch on Valtaki Beach by the rust pile Dimitrios, stopped in Skala to resupply at Carrefour and Lidl, continued to Monemvasia and parked besides the Coast Guard in Gefyra. Here we found Peter and Wovi.




   Wovi was very happy to see Bonnie again, they get on well together even though they may fight with each other sometimes, about food bowls, or when the home range area is under threat. They bite in each others ears but it goes over soon and then they are best friends again. Strange dogs!

   In the morning, at New Year's Eve, the wind was so strong that the waves went up on the big berthing quay for the ferries where we were parked. We had to move the motorhomes to Monemvasia, in leeward of the mountain. In the afternoon, we ate good salmon sandwiches and drank schnapps at Peters. Georgio, a Greek fisherman, was also invited. Here we got to hear many "fishing stories" that sounded very true! The evening we spent at the restaurant with good food, the nice owner Maria hoped that next year would be a better year for Greece. We proposed a toast to that! "Happy New Year, Greece"!  You’re gonna need it!
   New Year's Day is a gray day , it was raining off and on but it blows a little less! We visit Monemvasia Castle, again and buy some gifts. The rest of the day we sit inside the motor home, talking with Peter and Wovi. Unfortunately, there was no New Years bathing in the sea. But tomorrow the sun shines again! We'll never know what's happening than!

Happy New Year greetings,

From Stina, Peter, Bonnie, Wovi and Julian.




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