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NeŠpoli - Gytheion


   We arrived at NeŠpoli after 2 am. and then everything is closed, so we couldnít buy a new internet simcard and a fishing reel. We parked our motorhome at a parking lot near the boardwalk, we found it a good place to stay, at that time, even for the night. We should have taught us, we donít get away with this unpunished! It was close to a busstop so parking and starting buses, roar of motorcycles and loud young people having fun after their cafe visit, keeps it very noisy throughout the night and calm never occurs more than a few hours. We thought that NeŠpoli was a small country town in winter sleep! So wrong! It is a very pleasant and lively town with a little pulse, even this time of year.

   There are many islands in Greece and all the cities around the Peloponnese and the mainland require connections with ships and ferries. Many ports have often been difficult to make land, for these ferries and to get the mooring hawser quickly ashore is vital for the ships security. For this work requires a good boatswain, both on the ship and on shore. Boatswains who knows how to throw a heaving line. In honor to these skilled boatswains there is raised a beautiful statue in Neapoli at the boardwalk, near the ferry quay.
   Next morning we choose to move the car to some quieter place to eat breakfast. Later we proceeded to Agios Nikolaos as well as some other small villages around here, many of them have free municipal WiFi. Even the port area of ​​NeŠpoli has it. So, though it was very noisy, we had free WiFi. And a good reason, not to rush and buy a new Internet simcard.
   After Ag.Nikolaos we came to a very charming little fishing village Profetis Ilias. There was a parking lot and a turnaround but we just ate lunch and did not want to remain there without being able to ask if we were allowed to park there overnight, the tavern was closed and there was no one to ask. We felt that we were doing too much intrusion in this small village. Without being able to ask some one, we chose therefore to run on to the southernmost tip of eastern Lakonia. To Cape Zovolo and Cape Maleas far south on the peninsula, one only gets on foot, Agios Marina is as close as you can get the southern tip with the camper. There is also the petrified palm trees and other beautiful rock formations to see. Nature is pristine, powerful and beautiful. We also find many beautiful meadows that remind us of summer in Sweden. Even the last rays of sunshine for this week we get to enjoy here.

   In the parking lot below Agios Marina where we will stay for the night, we meet Bšrbel und Bernd from Germany, whom we met already in Monemvasia . We had a late and very enjoyable evening but the night was concerned, the weather got worse and we were a little worried if it would start raining, then it could have become difficult to get out of there. The last 10 kilometers is very bad road with puddles, in wintertime it can cause problems for some motorhomes. However, we feel reassured by Bšrbel und Bernds Mercedes Vario814 4x4, an off-road vehicle that can give us assistance if we need some.




   After Agios Marina, we visit the small fishing villages Korakas and Palaiokastro before we land in NeŠpoli again to shop and dine. In NeŠpoli we also meet Peter and Wovi who has tricked me into his main interest, sport fishing. We buy a new Internet simcard at Wind and a fishing reel in the sportfishing shop. We stop at a beach parking on the outskirts of NeŠpoli. The weather is now getting worse and a real storm is on its way.
   Bšrbel und Bernd head north to Kokkinia. Peter and we go back to Palaiokastro to fish. This small fishing village has many fine places to stay with motorhomes, both at the beach and in the harbour. We fish most of the day in a stiff gale and only 10 dgr.C. No good fishing weather and we just get one little fish. So it was, with the fish stories! Peter takes care of dinner today, a very good hearty soup that tastes us well. The wind unfolds into full storm but we are somewhat on the leeside of a mountain. Late in the evening we take in the 900m. fishing line on a balloon and catch a big? conger. Peter tells us that some very large fish must have taken four of the sardines with hook and everything. Four of the many sidecords are demonstrably gone, I do not know how much I should believe in the big fishes? The day I will get a big fish, youíll hear it! Right now we have the worst storm so far, during our Greece adventure. The whole car shakes and sways even though we donít face the wind. It didnít only storm all night, gusting to 30m/s, early in the morning it started to bucket. After breakfast, I took my bike to scout our way back to NeŠpoli. There are only two roads to Paleokastro. The long road, which has many very steep hairpin bends upwards, normally not a problem but totally impossible upwards in the rain with our front wheel drive. The short gravel road winds 2km along the coast at approx. 20m height, several partly road collapse into the sea, collapse of the mountain that partly blocks and streaming water flowing over the road. But I think with a little luck we will get through!

   We think it's sad to leave Peter and Wovi already but we have no desire to sit locked in Paleokastro indefinitely. We said goodbye to our friends and arrived safe and sound back in Neapoli. Next day, we continue along the beautiful west coast to Kokkinia.
   Tomorrow we refuel gas and shop at Carrefour and Lidl in Skala. Then weíll visit the next "finger" called Mani. At Kokkinia it has stopped blowing and raining! The sun might come back tomorrow. It 's a beautiful evening.
   Greece is a beautiful country with an amazing scenery and a fascinating culture, but we wonder if the best thing with Greece still is the warmth, friendliness and helpfulness we face daily, although economy right now is causing many Greeks struggling and all of Greece seems to be in some kind of collective depression. They deserve a better fate than the political power game going on, that nobody knows where it will lead. We sympathize and are very happy with the tolerant Greek population. No one ever gets angry, no one is ever stupid or rude. They are so civilized!




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