Praia de Odeceixe

Wednesday, 31 October 2012




   It is easy to like Porto Covo, the village has everything you would expect from a beautiful Portuguese idyll with lovely beaches nearby. Here we can find everything that a motorhome owner may need for a longer rest, outside the high season. Although we are quite happy with the weather, we would like to have a little more heat, which we think we may find on Algarves south coast, east of Lagos. Next weekend, we will stay at the camping place in Lagos, primarily to do something about the overfull laundry basket. Therefore we drive slowly southwards and select Odeceixe as our next destination. On our way we stop at a garden and pottery shop. We should not do this because we know that we can not leave the store without buying pottery. Late lunchtime we end up in a lovely summer village with the beautiful name Zambujeira do Mar. Here we play boll for a while on the beach and look for a good place to park the motorhome but apparently they do not like these kind of vehicles, judging the prohibition signs. Where we donít feel welcome, we continue on. Not a cent, they will earn on us.

We find the arterial road entry to the right, just before the bridge over the creek Ribeira de Ceixe. Two years ago, we missed this fine place, when we discovered too late that we had droven too far and ended up on the other side of the river in the village of Praia de Odeceixe, which didnít offer the fine opportunity to overnight parking a motorhome. We did not miss this time and after 3.5 km on a gravel road that winds up on the banks along the creek, we arrive at a very quiet nature area with beautiful views on the beach at the other side of the creek. Here are many fine motorhome parking lots, but right now there are only five of them, rather scattered. At low tide, it is easy to wade across the river to get to the beach on the other side. A few hours before flood is rising again, one is allowed to cross the creek. After that it will become to deep to cross without getting very wet. A few hours is all we need to dip in the ocean. Next low tide is at nine a.m. tomorrow. We'll see what happens then.


Pos.N37,44042 W8,79550


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