Saturday, 3 November 2012




   Late last night we heard a car parking besides us, just a meter outside our door. We heard Spanish-speaking female voices, they stroke their doors a few times but then it got quiet. In the morning we were woken by striking car doors and Spanish female voices. When we opened our door we said good morning to two young girls who greeted back. They had embedded in a Kia car and were doing their morning business. We didnít ask them but we were wondering why they had to park their car so close to our motorhome on this huge parking lot. Probably the answer is so easy that the young ladies had learned a relatively safe way to spend the night in their car. For them, it was only a matter of seeking some security for the night under the protection of some motorhomes. The same thinking we so often do ourselves.
   We left a rainy Praia Amado and took the easiest and fastest way to a more rainy Lagos and Parque Campismo da Trindade. Just when we drove into the campsite the entire sky was emptied from water, a big flash of light all around us, lighted up the area while a terrible thunderclap shook me properly. I was, in fact, under an umbrella, outside the motorhome. Then the waterfall gushed over us and within a minute we stood in a 10 cm deep lake. After approx. a quarter we were able to locate a suitable dry place to park the motorhome. Cheeses!!!

   The campsite is run by the football club, Esperanca de Lagos. Two years ago we were here a few days when we met some of the Swedish motorhomes that are out there, doing the Algarve coast. The campsite has a very low standard but offers us minimal needs and is quite cheap for 9 Ä / day. We thought!!! As far as we could see, nothing had changed since we were here last, so the standard seemed to us even much worse. The price had been increased by 60% to 14.60Ä. We havenít paid yet so weíre going to have a discussion about that. We are here to do the laundry and occupied the two washing machines immediately. After that we filled our almost empty fridge by doing some grocery shopping at the Spar, down the street. We had a chat with the owners of the two other Swedish motorhomes standing here. Late in the evening the rain ceased sufficient for Bonnie to go out for an evening walk. A DVD-film we looked at, before it was time to seek our berth. In any case, itís, very quiet here at night.


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