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2013 WEEK # 42


From Dhėrmi to Sagiada

   We said goodbye to the police in Dhermi and drove just some 15 minutes to the village Jalė where we wanted to swim and where we got a big beautiful beach all for ourselves so we stayed there one night.
   The day after we came to the peninsula Palo Palermo and visited exciting Ali Pasha's castle.  Next day, we come to Paradise Beach in Ksamil , during the season a camping, now closed, but we opened the gate and parked ten meters from the beach. The owner came after a while, was eager to talk to us, we offered him a beer and he told a lot of stories about Albania. Here we park free, but we 'll probably pay a voluntary fee for we are too tired to eat at the restaurant today too. The place is truly a paradise , with the windscreen beach views. The weather we can be satisfied with, usually it’s too hot to travel, sometimes partly cloudy but mostly a lot of sun . Even if a thunderstorm with heavy rain occurs, the morning sun shines as the day begins with a swim in the sea.
   Paradise Beach in Ksamil turned out, not to be a paradise! Late at evening, suddenly a storm began which increased during the night and abated only at lunch the following day, we thought for a while, we would float or sail out at sea.


   Butrint, the day after, was a cultural archaeological highlight. We parked for free at the ferry location, spent the night there and had a lot of contact with the people who stood and fished there in the morning, very ghosy. The restaurant the night before was very good and cheap. The road from Butrint to Konispol (border with Greece), we were advised not to drive, very bad road, they said. It was a shame because we had wanted to go over with the little cute cable ferry at Butrint. We drove back to Sarandė and ran a very good road to Konispol instead. Greek customs did not ask about the dogs, we kept up the passports and we were waved on without even having to stop, that way we avoided going to the border at Kakavias Authorized Border Inspection Post for pets.

   Finally in Greece! The first thing we do is to find a lovely beach before the village Sagadia and we find our first "gold nugget" in Greece incl. beach shower. The following day we visit Igoumenitsa and find a nice beach at Plataria. Most days this week, we have had a lot of sun, a few clouds, no rain since the night in Porto Palermo, between 25-32 degr. in the shade, the bath water is not under 23, the nights are getting slightly colder but we have fun and thrive in Greece.
One free beach after another, we swim at least three times a day in the sea, beach showers usually works and are not colder than we can wash our hair or take a shower there. We're feeling very good!








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