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2013 WEEK # 43


From Sagiada to Mitikas

   After Sagiada vi visit Igoumenitsa the following day, for shopping and eating. Later that day we found a nice beach parking at Plataria. We stay two days and continue for completing and filling up the fridge with food and beer in the nice village Sivota. Amstel beer is actually the most sold brand in this part of Greece.

   We find another beach at Perdika. The Beach Tavern is closed but we clean up the outside garden and have our tables and chairs there, candle light and a nice view on the beach. If the owner should come, we can at least say that we’ve done a fine job for his restaurant, the serving we do ourselves.

Late that evening the “Coastguard Authorities” in a policecar are visiting us. They are politely checking who we are and wish us a nice stay and a good night. The weather is too good so we stay here two days before we leave again.

   Ammoudia beachside is a very popular motorhome and camper parking. We wouldn’t visit the place during peak season, usually crowded with hundreds, now there are only ten campers. It’s a nice place, a little village with some good restaurants. We had a good dinner at Restaurant Pateras, charming waitress Maria and her mother, the cook. Three-course dinner with drinking for five persons, just 45€. “We’ll be back tomorrow!” The Greeks are happy, pleasant, calm and helpful.

   Although Bonnie seems to thrive , she has learned a new tough style by chasing away all the wild dogs that get too close to her motor home, actually her foodbowl.
   We find it a little hard to sit still on the beach all day enjoying only the sun the sea and a beer! Therefore, tomorrow, we head inland for a bit of culture and nature experiences but first we go to Maria’s restaurant again, tonight here in Ammoudia.  


    The parking location at Glyki was very beautiful. We started a fire on the banks of Acheron River and had a wonderful evening. Our only neighbours are two nice Roma families.
   The day after we went a good distance up the mythological river Acheron until the walls stood up vertically on both sides, here we turned back in the 14 degrees water. In the  heat, it didn’t feel awkward. In the afternoon we drove back to the sea at Mitikas where we swam in the 25 degr. water. And the weather continues to be fantastic from morning to night.

   Most days this week, we have had a lot of sun, only a few clouds, no rain since the night in Porto Palermo, between 25-32 degr. in the shade, the bathing water is not under 23, the nights are getting slightly colder but we have fun and thrive in Greece. One free beach parking after another, we swim about three times a day in the sea, the beach shower is slightly cooler but usually works and is not colder than we can wash our hair and take a shower there. Even today, it‘s like a good summer day in Sweden . Evenings can become a little chilly but we are outside late and do not use any heat during the night. And we don’t lack the absence of the crowds of campers.

   Mitikas is a real Greek pearl.







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