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2013 WEEK # 44


From Mitikas to Preveza to Levkada to Vonitsa


   The first day at the small fishing port Mitikas was amazing.

A picturesque harbor area with a nice beach. In the evening the police came by and wanted to know, where we came from and how many we were. They wished us a nice and pleasant stay but we were warned to be aware of criminals! There arenít any in Greece, we replied and they drove laughing away.
   Well, even in paradise, the weather can be worse for a few days! Or rather, nights, because in the daytime it is usually, mostly sunny. In three nights, Njord and Tor challenged Zeus for a match but he had no major problems with the Nordic youngsters. The Greek god left every night with great victory for every day the sun shines on an almost clear blue sky. When the weather blows, thunders and rains, down here, it will usually come very fast and intense. Just as quickly it can be over again. In the intervals between the worse weather, we have taken the opportunity to pass us to the town of Preveza for veterinary visits,  just in preventive cause.




   Preveza is the southernmost city in the landscape Epirus, thence through a tunnel that costs 5 Ä, starting the landscape Sterea Eilada and in the west lies the island of Lefkada. It is connected to the mainland by a bridge that looks like a ferry that can turn around a pole to open the passage for boats. At Lefkada , we stayed for two days in two different locations.

   After Lefkada we went east again to Vonitsa where we stood for three days in two different locations. In the first place, Napoleon Beach, it was too many flies but in the second place, the village Vonitsa, we had a very good stay and there were also some nice restaurants.








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