Wednesday, 3 October 2012




   The first human settlers came to the Stade area in 30.000 BC but the city was first mentioned in a document from 994. In medieval times, Stade was a prominent member of the Hansa.

   Under Swedish occupation from 1645 to 1712, Stade was the capital of the Swedish province of Bremen-Verden-Wildeshausen. Some of the buildings built by the Swedes are still in use today.

   In 1712 Denmark conquered Stade and the whole of Bremen-Verden. In 1355 and in 1712, Stade suffered from the plague epidemic, which killed at least 3040% of the city's population. On 26 May 1659 a huge fire destroyed 60% of the city. In 1842 the Kingdom of Hanover granted equal rights to Jews and promoted to build up Jewish congregations in Stade. Most of the remaining Jews were deported during the Nazi reign.

   During World War II, Stade remained completely untouched by allied bombings.



Pos. N5336'10,8" E927'54,9"

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   In the morning we roam around in Stade and continue our journey in the afternoon to our good friends Bob, Karin & Femma in Heerenveen. Not an appropriate time, however, to drive through Groningen, traffic jams are delaying us.

   Once in Veensluis, we have some computer work to do to start up our diary on the website. It's clear that we have not started for real yet, it's much the website's diary that is not working as it should.

   In Heerenveen we stay two days to complete our provisioning and equipment. Thereafter we stay one day in Aalsmeer, one day in Amsterdam, to meet nearest family and one day in Purmerend to meet cousins. Stina would like to see the windmills in Zaanstad and the invasion area at Arromanches. I would like to see Middelburg again, visit the French Fries Museum in Brygge and see the Bayeux tapestry in reality. After that we will bathe in the Bay of Biscay, before we head for Portugal.

   Before the Zaanse Schans, there will be no pictures taken and no diary notes made. Socialization with family and friends will take all the time. Therefore, we simply skip some days.




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