Saturday, 20 October 2012




   It was a quiet night on the banks of the Minho River after a late arrival at Caminha, Portugal's northern-most town on the Atlantic coast. Rio Minho is the border between Spain and Portugal. A small car ferry is crossing the river to the Spanish town A Guarda. It costs 6.50 Ä, one way for the camper and us. We take it another time! The morning walk in Caminha shows a very nice town, here's everything you need without excess. We like Caminha with its cheerful, friendly inhabitants. We will gladly return some time.

   It has been a cold night again. The cold air flowing down from the Spanish mountains on the other side of the river, is cooling the town. It's cold enough to decide that we will move a few miles south, to Praia de Moledo. Here we feel the warm sea breeze from the southwest, the temperature rises rapidly. We follow the coastal roads closest to the beach, running through many nice small villages, until we get to the south side of Viana de Castelo, where we stop for a longer lunch break. A very old and narrow iron bridge carries us over Rio Lima. Max 3.5 Ton tells the sign. Again we see the advantage of our 3.5 T. camper.

 In the afternoon we arrive at the proposed parking in Praia de Esposende. Here is a lively movement of Saturday strolling Portuguese. From the pier and the beach, many men try their luck at fishing. The beautiful natural areas around the city Esposende are valuable and this year, thereís completed a boardwalk along the beach and all the way to the lighthouse. Itís costs, 1.2 million Euros was EU financed. Well, itís worth every Ä, a special nature park, worth taking care of!

   It's Saturday night so we are prepared that there will be some noise from the car driving, nightly living younger people.


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