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Monday, 22 October 2012




   The day begins with breakfast and a morning walk with the dog. After that, there is the large laundry, cleaning the motorhome interior and 20m. laundryline shall be erected behind the camper. Worst problem, a toilet lever has to be repaired. The shaft of the lever which opens the valve broke for some days ago. We have been able to open and close the valve with a welding tongs. Who has a welding tongs in a motorhome? It came with us accidentally. Anyway the shaft is threaded inside and a threaded piece of plastic screwed and glued into the shaft, with superglue. Luckily we had a threading kit with us. Probably no one else ever think to bring a threading kit with him in a camper!?! Now itís anyway repaired. We can open and close the toilet valve as usual. Thatís a relief!

   The first laundry is hung in a shower of rain, when the other laundry is done, it looks like there will be no more rain. If all laundry dries today, we might travel further tomorrow.

   After lunch we walk to the beach and play the bollgame with Bonnie. Itís a nice beach with rock formations that alternate with smaller sandy beach sections. The waves are high and do not invite to swim even though the sun starts to come up and the temperature is rising to 25 degrees.
   At the campsite, our English neighbours offer champagne and we mingle until Bonnie tells us that it is time for dinner. In the evening when we sit outside, the rumble of thunder is getting closer. We take in the still slightly dampy laundry to hang it under the awning until the rain has passed by. Later it starts raining, big warm raindrops. It had been a lovely warm shower if we did not had a shower in the afternoon.

   Before bedtime, the storm has passed, but we wait with the laundry drying until tomorrow.


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