Albufeira - Manta Rota - Torre del Mar

Sunday - Saturday, 11 - 17 November 2012




How our diary became weekly! (only this week, we hope!?!?!)

   We will soon have to leave Portugal and it hurts a little. We would love to stay longer but there are so many obligations to be fulfilled, so we have to travel east. The weather soon gets worse and with it the quality and quantity of our pictures. Fewer images also reduces the inspiration to write our diary. Besides that, we have fun in socializing with others, so there is no time to write a diary, sort and process images. Therefore, we jump over six days in our diary. However, we can summarize briefly:
   After a farewell to all the wonderful people we have met in the Algarve, but special Gunilla, Bosse & Kajsa and Mona, Charlie & Sophie, we drove to Altura and Praia Alagoa. The day after we got anxiety about not being able to swim in the ocean any more and then we thought the beach at Manta Rota, where we were two years ago, was more beautiful and offers fine swimming. It was beautiful weather, sunny and warm so we were mostly on the beach that day and went swimming in the Atlantic, one last time this year. The Camper Park location at Manta Rota was newly built, neat and cheap.
   The next day we drove about 375 km, on the highway, to Camping Torre del Mar in Spain. Here we meet a little colony of Swedish motorhome winter campers. Again, all are very nice and friendly, one feels welcome! We have a lot to do with cleaning and small repairs in the motorhome, but mostly we are resting after some intense weeks.


   We hear, see and read the terrible news about the city we admire so much, we were there just a few days ago. Silves was hit by a very powerful tornado, tore the roof of the swimming complex, destroyed the stadium, many motorhomes and everything else that came in its way. Many injured people but no deaths. Once we sober our minds, we begin to wonder what happened to all the storks that I photographed there, the other day? A dog is also missing from a Swedish motorhome. May they find the poor animal soon! Portugal is a very tough country for a dog stranger.

Note: two days later the dog Rambo, was found after a notification in a TV broadcasting, about the loss of Rambo during the tornado.

A happy dog was returned to his happy owners.


    With the experience we have in our trunk after two travels in Portugal, we dare to say, without any doubt, that we prefer Portugal to travel to, before all the other Western European countries. Portugal is very green and beautiful. The friendly Portuguese population are often trying to make contact with their tourists and they always try to speak in English. We have never met a discontented, insolent, or rude Portuguese. That's why we like so say:


"Muito obrigado, Portugal! Adeus! Até logo!"


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