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   This site is a documentation of our motorhome travelling in Europe. Below you'll find the links to five diaries of motorhome trips: in the spring of 2010 to Portugal, 2011 to Sicily, 2012 to Sardinia, in the autumn of 2012 we returned to Portugal and in October 2013 we became winterbirds in Greece.

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   The picture above, the old harbour front of Amsterdam, symbolizes the name of our domain For about 800 years ago there was built a dam at the end of the river Amstel. Since then, around this dam, the city of Amsterdam developed. We have obvious great emotional connections to this river and the city. Actually the domain started when we named our last sailing yacht "Amstel".

   Most people associate the name Amstel to the completely different, but not insignificant fact, that there has been brewed a good tasting beer called Amstel at the banks of this river since 1870. Actually, outside of Holland, the beer is more well known than the river. Although we would wish, we thus have absolutely no economical interest in the brewery of the same name other than that we prefer drinking it a lot.

   The picture at the bottom of this page may symbolize our longing, in winter, to the beaches around the Mediterranean. While in summer there is no better place to be and sail, than the swedish Bohuslšn archipelago where we live. A topic that we might tell more about in the future.

Updated 01-07-2014, JvH

Here you can find our blog in Swedish.

2014:  Exploring

more of  Greece

in ninety Days

 2013:  Exploring


in 180 days


We didn't have time and inspiration to report about our latest trips to Greece. We actually travelled in 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 through Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro and Albania to search different ways to travel to Evia, Peloponnese, Kythira and Crete. Only once we took a ferry from Igoumenitsa to Ancona on our travel north through Italy. We mostly drove homeward through Albania, Montenegro and Croatia. In 2017 I started to write a blog in Swedish about our latest trip to Crete and we will try to continue this blog in the future but we keep it in Swedish.

 2012:   Exploring

2011:   Exploring

Italy & Sicilia

in sixty Days

Pylos, Peloponnese

Cagliary, Sardinia


Catania, Sicilia

Albufeira, Algarve


Corinth, Peloponnese

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Alghero, Sardinia

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 Palermo, Sicilia

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Altea, Spain


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